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Reigns of Terror

Stacey has left the building for sure this time. We have full control of the website and all it’s assets now.

We are truly sorry so much drama has become associated with this website.

Over the past few years this site has exchanged owners quite a few times. It’s apparent that the original founders (Rayzor, John & Stacey) were originally artists and never really planned on trying to run an entire operation. The site was doomed from the beginning in terms of management.

It seems all three owners have now left Voreville in utter hatred of their own work and community. It’s a real shame it has come down to this. So much talent gone to waste. The “Voreville” name is now forever tainted. We of course do not want to take on that extra burden trying to repair the un-repairable.

We may decide to work on this challenge after careful thought, but the name Voreville must go. Voreville must die and be reborn as a different name and a completely different crew.

The first step is to gain you, the community, back. We will share Voreville’s valuable resources with those artists who would like to work with us. This includes custom super high quality 3D models (textured and rigged) and stock videos Stacey has collected over the years. There are some very good resources that we think will benefit other vore artists. Most models are rigged in 3D Studio Max. Maya users will have to convert it over because we have no idea how to do that. I know a hefty price was paid for them, but what is the use if they never see the light of day.

If “TheCoils” would like to use Voreville’s custom built anaconda for his projects, we would like to extend that offer to him as an apology for what has transpired. That and any other resource he may be able to use for his project.

Please contact us at voreville [at] gmail dotcom if ANY of you art interested in working together again. Do not try to contact us via the social websites like YouTube or Facebook. Many of those accounts were created by the old Voreville team.

Any artists with an dream/idea just tell us what you need. We are also proficient in Poser, Adobe CS and 3D Studio and basic Maya and Zbrush knowledge. If it’s a collaboration project great, we don’t expect pay as long as we are given ample time to work on something.

Voreille (or whatever the name will change to) will be YOUR support now and not just a business. That is what we feel helping one another is about!

And in terms of the gallery, all members please send us URLs of the works in the member galery that you want removed and never seen. We are going to clean it up so that ALL the art is the best quality for members.

Thank you

– VV Admins

The end for us as well…

It looks like the consensus is Voreville is no longer liked by the community. Stacey has been trying to gain more support over the years, but it does not seem to be working. She realizes her latest blog may have just about offended everyone out there, so to avoid further problems we are offering the site up for sale again. We took on this project because we thought it would be a fun experience. Now we are only beginning to feel the never ending fan frustrations as well as Stacey’s frustrations. We don’t want this negativity to continue any longer.

We all have reviewed data and records and comments from all over and the consensus is that we seem to be offending more people than being part of a community. Our time is just as valuable to us and we realize there is no sense in beating a dead horse. Fans keep the site running and without fans, there’s no way to maintain the site.

We are looking for new owners to take over the site once again. It’s been a pleasure to serve you for this short period of time.

Thank you

– VV Admins