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The Plan… Again…

I originally wrote this in response to a posting about our website on DeviantArt and wanted to clarify a few things. I am not the original John that started this site with Stacey and RaYzoR, but I do have access to everything now, so you can consider me the second John to run the Voreville site with my associates.

So, a few associates of mine and I saw a lot of potential with Voreville. Since we took over, we have replaced the old gallery completely with a newer, faster gallery at a new site. The new member areas are much more interactive now and not having to download codecs to see movies anymore. We ported over all the old Voreville content just for it to be there. There’s additionally a new stories with images and sexy audio narration section as well as a member forum, and chat.

The problem with the old site was that the same artists were doing the same animations. It became boring for the artist and it became boring for the fans who joined. That in turn ended up slowing down production and thereby making new releases virtually non-existent. We understand and know that variety is good. We are human. We need variety. So we are using this idea to rotate different artists from all around the world. Yes, all around the world. It’s a great site called Elance and Odesk. There’s a lot of great talent there that can help with things we can’t do ourselves for very reasonable prices. Every animator has their own style and we believe this will bring our members incredible content moving forward. We need everyone’s support for this.

You can even take a look at what we are working with now:

As we raise funding from memberships, we can continue to hire other artists to do any kind of animation we need. Members get to vote and decide on that of course. And so the cycle goes on. Content is created on a constant basis if memberships continue.

And get this… some of these professional animators do amazing animation quality. It’s studio quality, like in the animation video in the last post! Just imagine this shark going to town on a tasty little sexy female seal or something…

We are now also working with TheCoils to help him produce his squeeze own videos. It should be pretty awesome! We will get to the 3D Studio Max porting question soon my friend! Sorry for the delays. It’s unfortunate there was a fallout in the past because of mis-communication, but we are glad that it brought our forces together and that is the KEY to all of this. This stuff requires so much time, energy and resources that we need to work together. Stacey is back too, but just on the back end, since she has all the connections to artists, photographers, models, videographers and sexy voice talents. We are very fortunate to still have her as a resource. She apologizes for completely losing it, but wishes to remain out of communications with fans or members of the site.

We also have been taking into account your reviews of our site and we are tailoring it to those requests. We even encourage comments and voting in the member forum so we can use that to gauge what is working for you and what is not. We know the past team was not there for support, but we are here now. Just contact us for any concerns or requests. We know we can’t please everyone, but we can be as helpful and descriptive about our site so anyone can learn about us before joining.

Thank you for reading everyone!

– Johnathan

Full Steam Ahead!

It looks like we are doing okay with the new releases and memberships have slightly gone up which DID help us fund some new 3D animation projects. Stacey is helping us find good animators who can animate just as good as the shark in this clip. Anything less is unacceptable now.

Now imagine that shark or some other hungry character going to town on a sexy damsel! If we continue to get support, we can possibly have 1 animation like that a month for our members. We have also found sexy voice talent for our sexy vore stories and she even writes vore stories as well. It’s very hot! In addition, we are continually working with Zous to create amazing manipulations for our members. To top that all off, we got the sexy hot model to pose for us in the nude. Zous is working with her nude photos now!

We now have four models to choose from if we ever need them again for more work. Zous has already manipulated three of them into delicious snake meals for our members.

The video FX with CG idea is on the back burner now. It took took much time and resources so we’re going back to 3D animation… the way Voreville started out. So some of the live action shots that were in trailers will not be a priority at this point in time. We want to get our supporters amazing content so we’re concentrating on getting that done with 3D animation.

Please have fun and enjoy our site!

Voreville Reborn

After many months of hibernation, we are pleased to announce that Voreville has been working with Zous to create exclusive content for Voreville. For those of you who do not know of his amazing work, just check out his work on He creates the most amazing snake vore manipulation series and stories. It’s extremely sexy and erotic!

Here are some of his erotic vore works:

We did a few tests with Zous and Stacey’s sexy models and here’s a sample of what Zous created with it. We are working together to raise enough money to hire his own model pick to create his amazing series. If you enjoy his free works out there, please help him and us get back on our feet. When you join Voreville now, the proceeds will go into Zous’s choice of model for his next exclusive release. The more support we get, the more we can get him the models he wants to create the art that everyone else wants. Everyone is happy. What’s unique about our collaboration is that the model actually poses for the vore shot with accurate expressions. This model did a specific terror photo shoot just to get the perfect expressions and poses for this manipulation! Your memberships and support help us hire these gorgeous babes so you know your money is being put to excellent use! Since these are professional models, the final editing images are sharp, large, beautiful and full of detail. We feel that tiny images take away from the full vore experience!

Zous Snake Vore Art

Zous Snake Vore Art

Voreville’s previous theme throughout the years was mainly non-consentual female vore. We are now opening it up to the following as well:

– Consentual and non-consentual – Females and males fed to pet snakes for snake feedings and personal arousal.
– Males are prey too – Sexy women watch and are aroused by the devouring of their male mates
– Couple’s consentual vore – Couples sacrifice themselves and are swallowed alive together while making love.
– Orgy vore – Group of females and males sacrifice themselves for their pleasure and the pleasure of eveyone present
– Giantess vore

And now that we have connections to hire models who are okay with this kind of vore art, we can do an equal amount of feet first content as we move forward. There will be something for everyone.

This is what’s been just released in the member areas:

– Zous’s Exclusive Voreville Photo Manipulation Series 1
– Zous’s Exclusive Voreville Photo Manipulation Series 2
– Zous’s Exclusive Voreville Photo Manipulation Series 3

– 10+ New Exclusive Voreville single manipulations and short stories with pictures and some with sexy audio narration

– 5 New Exclusive Voreville animations:

* Snake attacks, coils and consumes girl head first
* Creature breaks in home and has owner for late night snack feet first
* Sexy woman has night of passion with man only to awaken to his hungry pet
* Zarathant plays with and devours model feet first (released earlier but never advertised)
* Monster frog escapes and eats woman ass first (released earlier but never advertised)

Voreville members will also now have the opportunity to ask for custom image requests and we will try our best to meet your needs. Image requests only, no animation or video requests at this time.

We also have FOUR member areas now as opposed to the old one gallery set up. There is now a Member Forum, Member Gallery, Member Stories, and Member Chat for complete interactivity.

We are using THIS release cluster to fund the re-hiring of artists to complete the next cluster of releases and so forth. As before, there will be NO TIME FRAME on when the next cluster of releases will be completed. That all really depends on you, our fans. This is how we need to operate moving forward.

Thank you for your continued support!

Operations Finally Moved

We have completely ported over ALL of Voreville content to the new and improved website and gallery. Operations will continue at the new site while this site will remain for nostalgic reasons. Since this blog has so much history, we will continue to update it as well.

Keep in mind full production has not started at this time. We currently are still trying to raise funding. No new art is available.

A Full Vore Audio Experience!

We are looking into hiring voice talent and adding some sexy erotic narration to stories to help enhance the vore experience. Here’s THREE of the new voices were are experimenting with. We plan to add some sort of sexy narration for all the stories in the member vore stories sections. If members like this idea, it will be a part of the new Voreville.

Sexy Voice #1

Sexy Voice #2

Sexy Voice #3

After listening to some of these recordings, we are becoming huge fans of this audio narration. We were impartial to it in the beginning, but we think it adds a whole new, amazing, erotic, sexual dimension to vore. Take a listen and let your imagination go wild. We guarantee you’ll get some sort of rise out of it!