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3D Vore Realism Level

Realism fans don’t fret! We are trying other vore styles, but realism is still at the top of the list. We definitely want anyone to look at the animation in the end and wonder if it was real or not! The model in question will definitely make animations look pretty real, but should we bite the bullet and spend as much as it would cost to buy a new computer? This model’s incredible detail can be used for all sorts of vore animations. Just take a look at the details in the mouth… which can easily be used for some great giantess vore animations as well.

Take a look for yourself and see the gorgeous 3D model we are talking about. Take the poll!

What We Are Now

We wanted to address what Voreville is now and what we want to be in the future. We know this has been emphasized by the old team, yet we still get users joining and being unhappy about the OLD vore animations.

It is becoming apparent to us that fans who are looking just for “longer” vore movies, will NOT be happy at our site. Please DO NOT join if you are looking for long movie productions. You will NOT find it here.

Please make a note of this. We are NOT a movie company. Vore itself happens relativity quickly. Adding a story line to it only extends the length of the video, and not the actual vore part. We are not sure, what fans are expecting so we are letting you know now, that Voreville video clips are short and sweet. Vore is all we care about, the scene building part. not so much. We also do NOT use large puppets here to film vore scenes so please don’t join expecting to see long film productions either.

Also please keep in mind, we just took over the website and are implementing improvements now to make better, longer animations with new animators from all around the world. This process will of course that some time to build a new library of new animations and we need all the membership support we can get.

If you have read all that carefully, and still want to continue, then please join the fun! Enjoy the new interactive gallery that will allow you to rate and comment on videos, pictures, and sexy audio. Enjoy the new erotic stories section with an incredibly sexy voice narration and picture manipulations to go along with it. Enjoy the new forum where members can post, comment, an make manipulation requests.

There’s just so much more to see, do and hear in the new member areas, but if you’re just longer video focused, Voreville is not the right place for you at this time. Eventually we will get there, just not now.