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Ruined Surprise

Hello everyone,

This is Stacey. I was hoping to bring great news to the long-time fans of Voreville by this winter break. It was supposed to be a surprise for everyone. Being part owner of this for many years, I really wanted to give something back to the vore community again, but unfortunately we had another set back. I used funding from Voreville memberships to fund an amazing realistic snake project. The goal was to get our hands on a realistic snake model exactly like the one in the CoOperative Bank commercial. We had a sexy model slated for acting out the part of being coiled and eaten alive by it. I got RaYzoR back to help work on the effects. I had posted this on Elance to find the very best artists in the world.

We thought we found the perfect group, but apparently not. You be the judge. Does this look ANYTHING close to the snake in the bank commercial??? Apparently it does to them. Another huge chunk of time and money wasted! They refused to give even 1/2 a refund and we ended up with nothing to work with. Thanks for a huge waste of time Sugarbricks!

They even closed the job before we could even post an honest review of the product. Granted they are good with other 3d or multimedia programs, they are NOT suited to do 3dsmax or Vray work, something we needed to have because of OUR pipeline. They should NOT have bided on our project knowing that 3dsmax was not their specialty. They mislead me into thinking that from the beginning.

So now, we are out $$$ that we saved from the memberships over the past year and back to the dying hole we were in. It’s mainly my fault for always wanting to really push the boundaries for movie quality vore visual effects. I finally just realized that no one cares… they just want vore… simple is better… I always thought that if it looks more real, it’s that much more erotic.

Can you guess which is the one we wanted that was in a commercial?