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2016 Summer Update

It’s been 11 years since the start of Voreville and all our little sister sites. There have been trying times keeping things up and running over the years. My apologies for all the down times and headaches that came along with that. Unfortunately, I can’t stay it was from “growing pains” because we never really had a chance to “grow”. One set back after another really ran us thin. I just wanted to write this post to any of you supporters out there who supported us over the years. You have been amazing and we thank you very much. I strongly believe someone in the vore community will rise to the occasion. Someone out there must be as passionate as we were about vore, right?

We spent 11 years trying to find the best artists, models, photographers, animators, modelers, 3D artists, and master manipulators. Unfortunately, it never really came together. Again, not enough funding for expensive processes. Sure, we could have filmed large puppets, but it just didn’t fit with what WE wanted. We wanted movie quality VFX which was way too costly. Shoot, in the 11 years since we started, I still haven’t seen anyone out there try what we did with visual effects. Why is that? Most people who have tried, know just how difficult it is and how costly. That’s why you don’t see a bunch of studios producing amazing vore pieces. It’s too bad. In my humble option, the best realistic snake vore visual effects I have ever seen was in the movie Anaconda in 1997. Ohhhh we so wanted to get our hands on that CG snake model. Well hopefully soon a new full production vore site will emerge and then WE can support them for once.

So where ARE all the other full production vore sites? Why were we the only ones pushing the limits in visual effects. Stills are great, poser is decent, but I want to see amazing. Amazing animation, visual effect vore production. Why hasn’t anyone gotten together? With so much talent out there, I’m sure something AMAZING can be put together and run for as long as we ran this, right? Sure, it can be done, but you need the right people. It isn’t easy trying to run a website, keep up content, manage artists, pay artist, and keep everyone happy all at once. Money is always a problem. People seem to forget it costs money to run websites. Running the YouTube clone for TheVoreTube needed to be run on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), and it ain’t cheap. We paid for that while keeping it free for everyone. The software TheVoreTube was written with is crappy, we all know that now, and extremely slow. It was impossible to keep updated all the time which is why it fell by the waste-side. IF someone out there knows of a FREE solution that doesn’t require a VPS to run a video site, please let us know. We really want to try keeping TheVoreTube alive. Anyway, I Stacey, am still around of course. As always I am trying to keep things afloat. My apologies to anyone I have lost my temper with. The pressures to keep this stuff up and running has really gotten to me lately because we also lost our payment processor. Things just never go well for us.

In any case, I am updating this blog to let everyone know that our sites are still running, but there are still NO new updates except a sexy sexy audio vore stories every now and then. If you are new to this site we want to be absolutely CLEAR on what we DO have here. It seems that users joining are expecting something different than what’s advertised. As I have said MANY times in emails, forums, etc, this Voreville does NOT have long videos. We have never had long feature films on vore. If you’re looking for 10 minutes of large puppets eating people, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for 5-10 minute videos, we don’t have it. We NEVER have. Many projects were planned for it, but NONE ever were completed. There IS a lot of test clips of our attempts, but that is it. A majority of the gallery are stills and short stories with sexy audio. Apparently to some, that means a “lack of material”, yet no one bothers to explain what they were expecting. Apparently, people forgot how to read carefully and ask questions before they leap… lol.