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Greetings Everyone!

I am the new owner of Voreville! My name is Ray. I have been a HUGE fan of Voreville since it’s beginning and it’s finally mine! I first want to thank Stacey for all the help and tips she has passed on to me. She was gracious enough to provide support while I try to figure something out. At this time, I really don’t have a plan of action for the site, but I am still working with her to keep open the community driven

I REALLY just wanted it to keep the sites from disappearing.

Well, I know this site has been through a lot of changes from what Stacey has told me so I won’t make any promises right now. I just wanted to do my best to keep these vore sites alive because I am a HUGE fan of snake and spider vore! Some of my own works are actually posted on

I know there’s a lot of free art out there and there should be. However, I was reminded Voreville was always known for it’s cool special effects and live action vore ideas. I seriously want to continue that tradition, but not as expensive and ambitious with the visual effects quite yet. I think as long as the story gets told we can do image sequences like short animations with sound and music like Dr. Teeth does such a good job with already. I want to tie in that type of vore art along with that hired sexy voice and I think we’ll have some great exclusive content again. If this ever gets established, we can hire the hot models and attempt the amazing special effects once again.

There’s still a crap ton of video shoots for vore scenes and some non rendered animations that were never used or incomplete. It would be a total waste to never get to release them or see them put together in some vore video montage. There’s lots of live sexy model clips of them acting and struggling like they’re being eaten. With so many bits and pieces, maybe I can turn them into a store so clips can be purchased for use in anyone’s own projects. There’s endless possibilities.

Anyone out there have free advice to help me figure it all out? 🙂