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Gearing Up

ALL I can say is…. WOW. There is so much potential and unfinished works in the archives I can barely contain myself. I want to get a handle on ALL of this and get these unfinished projects done and finally complete.

I know Stacey was working on trying to get funding to hire new artists to get the work done and I still need to continue that. One good thing is that I am a multimedia artist as well so I can surely incorporate some of my talent into all of this.

I will need to get our Voreville Patreon page up and running again. I will work on only one unfinished project at a time to ensure each one gets done. No custom requests just yet. Give me some time to get all the fantastic unfinished projects completed. Then we can talk customs later down the line.

I will list each upcoming project in detail. Please help support it as you see fit. Thanks for keeping the faith everyone! I feel good about this!