Vore – Spider Vore, Spider Woman

Sexy Blabk Widow, Vore, Spider Vore, Spider Woman, Spider Demon, Spider Vore, Vore, Voreville

Vore,  Spider Vore, Spider Woman, Spider Demon

Vore, Spider Woman, Spider Demon, Spider Vore

Poor Cindy became a delicious, juicy, succulent breakfast burrito the next morning for the evil sexy black window. Little did she know the night before that the beautiful sexy bombshell was really a hungry spider demon in disquise. The evil spider demon easily seduced Cindy and lead her over to the lair. There the evil spider demon bit and paralyzed Cindy as they made out. The sexy black widow then wrapped Cindy tightly in a silky satin cocoon. Slowly suffocating and barely wiggling…the demon dragged the cocoon out to the patio, made some toast, and began having a nice morning meal of Cindy’s limp body.

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