The Explicit Stuff

Well, we have been pretty active on DeviantArt, but there are still some limitations that don’t allow us to go crazy with our ideas. Patreon also limits what we can post. Unfortunately, we can’t post some of the more “explicit” content there. It is what is is. As you know, we have no boundaries here. We will get a crazy explicit as we need to here at Voreville!

Here’s one of the explicit pieces (vore porn) that we are working on, in addition to all the other content that we just posted on DeviantArt. This is our new Spindee version. She’s ready to dine on a delicious summer sausage for breakfast after playing with it with her 4 legs and 20 toes!

She’s loving the smell, look and size of his delicious plump sausage. She wait to wrap her lips around it and slowly suck it!

She plans to savor his entire fat cock and balls in her mouth all at once! She needs to get all his fresh blood in one area for the ultimate one bite treat!

Her food is stuck in her trap and is unable to not have an erection. Her gorgeous body, 4 long sexy legs, 4 seductive hands, and her sweet smell makes any man HARD with minimal touching! She will use his erection as a sucking straw to suck him DRY!

Before she decided to turn him into dinner, she gave him a nice 4 footjob that he absolutely loved! It was all worth his sacrifice!

After she was done with him, she rested and prepared for her next meal! MMmmmmmmm….

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