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Vore has been and will always be our most favorite fetish niche. It is why we do what we do. I find artists that work on vore content because they themselves enjoy it. I have tried hiring artists and even real models to help us create vore content, but if they aren’t into the vore fetish, it certainly shows in their work.

With that said, in addition to create the best vore that we can, we are going to venture into other fetish niches out there that interest us. My new artists want to do other projects other than vore. With the quality they put out now, I want to keep them happy. They particularly like anything that relates to domination/submission so we will start playing with these niches with female and male 3d characters. Some of this is pretty extreme and too violent for some so we won’t advertise a lot of it. Anyone interested can visit our shop. You must create a free account in our shop to see this special content because of it’s extremity.

– Giantess – Pain/Torture 
– Hanging/Asphyxiation 
– Beheading
– Spitting/Roasting
– Squeezing/Compression
– Freezing/Shattering
– Burning
– Disintegration 


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