Our Thoughts

We have always been a fan of 3D art. Whether it be 3D animations or still art, this virtual realm allows us to do some really off the wall, crazy art that otherwise would not be possible in real life. We are a team of extreme artists and like to take things to the next level. Sometimes when we take it to THAT level, people can’t handle it.

Even though our works can be very violent, disgusting, extreme, gory, mean, insensitive… and the list can go on for days… we truly understand that this is all fantasy. We would never wish any harm or anyone to do harm to themselves. We have our own families and children that we never expose this stuff to, for many reasons, of course.

We just want to emphasize to all our fans to please enjoy our works, but don’t do or try anything in any of the scenarios that we portray in our stills and animations.

Stay SAFE out there and PLEASE be KIND to one another. The world needs more love spread out there. ^_^

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