Vore Porn

What better way to merge fetishes? Vore and porn go together like peanut butter and jelly. Thanks to the fact that the male penis looks like a delicious sausage or a deadly sword, there’s no end to what we can do.

Imagine this, a super hot girl is doing her her thing, giving a nice blowjob, when suddenly two things can happen:

1) She turns into a fluid sucking demon that sucks the life out of him through his cock and eats him alive during oral sex
2) His cock turns into a tentacle beast that latches onto her head and eats her head first during oral sex

OR… they are having intercourse:

1) Her vagina turns into a toothed vagina and bites down on his penis, eating him alive while they fuck
2) His cock turns into a probe that sucks all the fluids out of her while they fuck, hence, eating her alive while fucking

These are just some more of our crazy wacky ideas for vore and porn working hand in hand. This stuff is too explicit to post on DA unfortunately.

The girl with 8 limbs is our spider demon character Spindee. Predators can suddenly become the delicious prey!

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