7 Years Later

Once again we are at this junction. It took 7 years to raise enough money to hire good artists again and now we have come to find out that people are STILL buying and posting our content for free. REALLY???

Unfortunately, that effects everyone else, including the artists that I pay to. Now we can’t finish our latest projects which had so much potential. They found posts and sites on our content being shared and refuse to continue to work to finish what we had going.

So, for our supporters, we do apologize but there won’t be any new content released until we are able to raise enough money again with what we have out there. Enjoy what’s out there, because that was old stuff. You’ve all already seen pieces of our newest stuff. It’s really unfortunate because we had A LOT of good stuff coming out. This new team was fast and good at what they did.

How much do we need you ask? So let’s see, each animator costs about $50/hr and I have 2 of them. That’s $400 each per day. That’s $800 to get them to work a full day. Each animation takes about 2-3 months after rendering is completed. At this point in time, I owe still owe them about a weeks (80) hours each… which equals 160 hours total of pay and we still had 2-3 weeks left for completion that needed to be paid.
Not pretty… 🙁

Most of our stuff is just $5.00. If you really love this stuff, just support it. There’s no need to share it. It’s very simple. Apparently some of our supporters, we’re really supporters.

Welp, have fun scrounging for OLD stuff… see you all in another 7-9 years when we have saved enough to finish our projects again! But hey, as one guys puts it… we vore artists are all “a dime a dozen”… maybe we’ll just get lucky in the meantime and find a really good, stupid, true VORE, artist that will work for FREE! Jerk…

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