The Voreville Staff Thanks You For Your Support!!!

After months of searching for artists who can animate vore scenes we have our new releases coming soon. They’re coming along quite nicely. As if hiring animators wasn’t already expensive enough, a majority of animators have NEVER animated doing this kind of animation so it took much more time and communication to get it right. As we have said for the past 5 years now, we will always try to bring the vore community VERY BEST vore art that we can, but of course at a hefty price for all of us.

Regardless, we thank all our supporters over the years for keeping this website alive. Without your support we would never be able to bring you this kind of art at this quality. You DO make a huge difference. And If you wonder why our initial membership is higher than most, consider how much we pay EACH of these artists if each of them charge anywhere from $30-$60 per HOUR. And sometimes a 2 minute animation can take up to a month to complete.

Without these paid artists all you get is the same old looking poser vore which we try not to do here at Voreville. Check out our example below. Look at the ordinary poser scene. Now look at our rendered scene. There’s the big difference. Just wait until the scenes come to life when animated!!!

Voreville Vore Poser Scene

Voreville Vore Poser Animation

Voreville Processed Poser Vore Animation

Voreville Processed Poser Vore Animation

There is no huge money making business as some of you seem to think. Every bit goes back into making these animations. If you don’t believe us, just try creating animations every month for a year yourself and you’ll really know what we are talking about. Then when you fail at making animations on your own, you’ll try to find artists to do what you can’t do and that’s where all your income goes right back to. 🙂

Give it a try!

Here’s a CHALLENGE for YOU.

If you can create a stunning animation like Ryan C’s “Into the Amazon” then we’ll give you a year of absolutely free access to our gallery. It MUST be smooth fluid and life like animation, not the typical stiff poser walking dead look like most Poser animations are. It has to have great lighting, materials, and overall a nice rendered look in the end.

Heck, if you can do three amazing animations, that will blow us away, you can have lifetime membership and we’ll pay you for your work!

If you are interested in this offer please contact us for more details before starting. 🙂

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