PKF Studios – Quick Test 1

Here’s our first test run. It’s very short. The front end and tail end of it turned out so bad. This small portion is the only part that sort of stuck. It needs a lot of work. We believe with a lot more practice, we can get it down perfectly. We just need to keep testing and trying new methods. In this test we realized that out 3D model just doesn’t look real enough to go with the video. We’re going to have to try more lighting tests and maybe a new snake model. The CG and the video just feel so not connected.

Thanks John at PKFStudios for this opportunity to work with you! We’ll get this!

The snake closest the the model’s head looks like the best fit for this instead. We may have to purchase that bad boy and see if it works out better

Pkfstudios Voreville Snake Testing

Pkfstudios Voreville Snake Testing

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