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I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU to the guys who have been so helpful and informative about this particular fetish. All these years John ran Voreville, thinking that a majority of people preferred head first vore over feet first vore. I’m now seeing that there’s about a 50/50 percentage on people who like either or both. Head first doesn’t seem to be favored as much because you can see the model’s pretty face, which makes absolute sense. We’re going to create a really hot, feet first, accepting victim (not struggling), slow snake vore animation for all you feet first fans out there thanks to TLG! It’s going to be so awesome!

Since we’re working hard on new connections with models, hopefully that will help our new efforts to push out just as much feet first content as much as head first content. Thank you TLG of DT for your insights. ^_^

Dr. Teeth, thank you for showing me your amazing 3d modeling skills. We can definitely use your skills to create the coolest, meanest, baddest, hungriest monster/creature/alien ever create in vore! This will be a definite treat for the whole vore community!!! ^_^

Flipper! Thanks for clarifying the little mix up. Ryan C’s “Jessica’s Jog” was actually inspired by and commissioned by Flipper back in 2008.

Wow there’s so much to do, so little time… but we’re getting back into gear and full steam ahead!

– Stacey ^_^

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