CGI / Live Action Fun!

After so many years of wanting to do this, we’re finally getting a chance to do it!!!

Our progress with attempting to mix CGI with live action for our vore collaboration projects is coming along. After quick initial tests with DVDIP and PKFStudios, we are realizing that it’s going to take quite a few tries to get it perfect. And since this a job after our normal jobs, we may not have something really solid for the next few months. Rest assured though, when we do nail a good process, we want to make CGI / live action shots just as good as they do in movies! Well maybe not just as good, but very close. It will just take a great deal of trial and error. And of course we’ll only do vore / eating scenes!

Every model out there will want to be eaten by our monsters!!!

And speaking of models, all we can say is WOW. We have been working closely with TWO excellent studios that work with super hot models.

John at PKFStudios shot us some spectacular nudes to test with. His shots are a little more tricky because the model moves and shakes a lot, which makes it difficult to match the CGI with the model/actress. In order to get this perfect, we need to go frame by frame to make sure the CGI doesn’t look like it’s floating. But overall, thanks for the test videos John! We’ll come up with something to get it working!

Then Michael at DIDVP sent us some absolutely amazing video clips of his models perfectly acting out a quick short story snake vore sequence. That’s 4 gorgeous fetish / lingerie models that we’re working with now on our first vore project. We’re surely going to post those beauties here on our blog as we start doing all our tests with them! They’re super sexy HOT so stay tuned! Thank you Michael!

What’s great about ALL these test clips is that we can try different types of vore with them! A lot of the shots look like we can incorporate just about ANY creature into them (monster worms, bugs, plants, blobs, you name it! We may even be able to do some great spider vore clips with them as well!

Check out these beautiful and talented models and support them!

Ludella Hahn

Leila Hazlett


“Rita Lolita”

We just waant to thank you models for doing such a great job with this already!!!

Here’s a snake lighting match video test we started with Ludella’s sexy shoot.

DIDVP VOREVILLE Ludella Snake Vore Lighting & Materials Test 01

DIDVP VOREVILLE Ludella Snake Vore Lighting & Materials Test 01

– Stacey ^_^

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