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This is from a concerned supporter. Unfortunately, our supporters have to suffer for others actions. Yes, sorry it has to be this way. We simply need your help to stay alive.

Hi Anonymous,

That posting was a brand new posting after we specifically said do not post any of our videos and animations. At this point, I am already fed up with all of this. I see now why John left. I am almost about to call it quits too. We spend too much of our time and energy trying to make this stuff and it’s not profiting any of us who spend every single minute of our lives trying to keep it updated. We’re the ones who lose out on the time we could have spent with our family and friends, really enjoying life. We won’t ever be able to get that back.

The sites are secondary to us and if that means people will hate us more, then so be it. I’d honestly like to see another website out there produce the quality of work we have over the years. This IS the internet, but there are things we CAN control about it.

Just as in the military, if one person screws up, everyone else pays. You guys can all take your anger out on those who chose to disobey rules.

For those of you who are members already and would like refunds, just email us your login info and transaction IDs and we’ll send you a refund.

– Stacey

On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 5:46 AM, Anonymous wrote:

I saw your blog post. While torrents and youtube vids aren’t fair to you guys, neither is punishing paying customers. Besides, this is the internet. If you complain too loudly, you’ll just encourage people to spite you even more then what is happening now. It’s like that family that sued Facebook because of images of their dead daughter taken by that EMT in New York…the fact it was so public just encouraged thousands of people who normally wouldn’t have cared enough (or even knew about it) to actively find and probably repost the photos.

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