Lock Down from the “Internet Cops”

Yes, according to some clueless YouTuber we’re now considered “Internet Cops”

Yeah, like we have nothing better to do than to watch all of you out there. It’s called “google alerts.” Get a clue if you can somehow comprehend any of this. It automatically spits out any NEW “voreville” postings out there that the search engines spider.

Yes, a few of you have emailed us and expressed your concerns and we do appreciate your opinions about what has been going on. No we can’t stop any of this from happening so we’ve already lost the battle.

The sites will not close and will run as usual. To weed out the people who don’t want to abide by our rules “the internet cops” then we’ll just have to go underground. John tried this once before and I will try it again, but this time it will be permanent.

This way we know who our real supporters are. And believe me when I say, we have some really good stuff lined up to release. You select people will have access to our latest stuff.

Everyone who wants access to our vore websites will now have to email us at teamstaceyli [at] gmail [dotcom] first, and explain why you want access to our site, what you are looking for at this site, give us 5 different things why you like vore and send us a few links of where you have posted in forums or your accounts on other websites. We WILL email you there to confirm it’s really you. And newly created accounts will NOT be accepted. We need to see some kind of history on you.

We will get to know each other on a closer personal basis so we can offer custom requests as well as we get to know you. It is going to be a close closed more personal community. No more members will be strangers to us. We will have less members to concentrate on and tailor the site to YOU instead. In terms of members, quality and not quantity will be our NEW model.

Each large animation releases will have your email and login information embedded into the video each new release will NOT have a title or description either for extra security.

This IS a thanks to all our REAL supporters. We will keep it running only for you now.

For all current members, let your memberships run out. When you have allowed your accounts to expire sign up again at full price with our new method and we’ll also refund you back the money so there’s no extra cost to you. You will need a Paypal account for us to do that. When you let your accounts expire, don’t try to join back right away, wait for us to let you know when we will start releasing new updates again (it could be months). No new updates will occur during this whole process. This will also give us some time to reconfigure and change things around, and possibly move websites/domain once again. Don’t worry, we’ll still keep outsourcing so production won’t complete stop.

– Stacey ^_^

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