Voreville is now closed until futher notice.

After much thought and many hours of debate with my team, we have decided to close down production for the rest of the year. The sites will remain fully operational, but NO NEW UPDATES will be released. People can still join and leave as they please, but NO NEW updates will occur. My team and I need to walk away from this for a few months and re-gather our thoughts and strategies at this point. There’s so much volatility and instability in the management of all our vore websites something needs to be done about it.

My artists are beat down, tired and exhausted from doing so much work and getting paid so crappy that I can’t do this to them anymore and they can’t do this to themselves anymore. They need a break. I need a break as well. When they see postings of their hard work out there on the internet that was intended only for members, it discourages the them from doing any more animations and the entire team morale goes down the toilet which is why we are at this point now. We have so many new techniques and ideas we wanted to work on, but our resources are spread way too thin right now.

Hopefully by 2012 we’ll be back up fully operational, my artists fully re-charged again at a different location with a completely different name and I’ll have come up with a solution to our problems. Hopefully… we’ll see… Yes, this is the internet and I can’t control it, but I’m going to take a few extra steps to help remedy the torrenting problem. I just hope that our supporters will help us report any new postings and be our extra eyes out there when we do open production back up. That’s all we can do at this point.

We like to thank all of the people who HAVE supported us throughout the years and for all your thoughts and kind words. You did make a difference. Unfortunately, this is what happens to small websites when people bitch and complain about having to pay and decide to torrent.

Check back from time to time, things may change as they seem to do a lot here.

– Stacey

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