Officially Closed to the Public

Voreville is now closed to the public. We are NOT accepting new members. Due to abuse of our member gallery, only a select few will have access to our gallery and be able to see our latest works when we DO finish them. We warned this would happen, but those select “special people” had to ruin it for everyone. You bit the hand that fed you. Why should we spend our time and energy in something that MOST of you seem not to care about.

We DO thank and appreciate all our supporters over the years. You helped us get through all these years!

For those of you who really really really want back in, there’s much work to do. Everyone who spoke to me over the years and worked with me, you have instant access right back. Any other people I do not know well, will have had to been a member of the forum for at least 1 YEAR and have a least 20 relevant, meaningful posts about vore. You will need to send me the links to those posts and I will check and read every single one. If you don’t have a YEAR then you can write a 4 page word doc in 10 point font about what vore means to you, who your favorite vore artists are, and what kind of vore do you like the most and why and a little vore story short.

I’m a busy girl, so I probably won’t get to everything until the weekend. This USED to be my first priority, now it’s not and you can thank the morons who made this all happen. I value my time as much as you value yours.

For those of you who do not want to do this, I’ll be more than happy to refund you. I could care less about the damn money. Our art is more sacred to us because we put so much time and effort into it and we get a slap in the face in return???

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