Other Sites Beware!

We know who you are and we’re watching YOU on both our sites. Other artists should also keep watch for this user who is located in Austria, Vienna. We know for SURE these are some details of this user. We’ll post more as we continue to sift through our data from months past.

The user found our site by searching “plant vore”
The user landing page was /browse/videos/z/0/1/RecentlyAdded
Language is de-de German
The user is located in Western Europe, Austria, Vienna
The user runs Firefox 11.0
The user is on a Windows machine, 24-bit, and 1280×800 resolution

On 3-26-2012 at 3AM our time, you decided to be stupid. We see all activity that goes on, you know.

Not like that extra detail will help most of you out there, but it will surely help us!

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