We at Voreville know this subject matter and type of fetish is quite unusual and would most likey be frowned upon by most people. It’s not really hard core cannibal material either. We know that the small number of vore fanatics out there around the world feel as if they cannot be open about it as much as they would like. So just a few of us got together and created this site, just so that we are NOT alone out there. This site is for us, for you, the vore lover deep inside that you don’t want anyone to know about. In here it’s okay to enjoy this fetish. In a way you can call it soft porn.. damsels in distress. As long as nothing is taken out of the fantasy realm, then it’s perfectly normal here because we know it’s all imaginary. For those of you who take this stuff a little too seriously, go seek some help please. This is all in FUN.

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