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TeamStaceyLi Welcomes Sexy Model Adriana To Voreville!

Just when times were tough and things weren’t looking that great for the future of Voreville, a gem falls out of the internet and into our laps. TeamStaceyLi, parent group of all our exotic websites has brought us an absolute angel from heaven!

We found the sexiest girl in the world to help us with sexy new vore videos. We welcome sexy model Adriana to our team!!! She’s one super hot moma and she’s going to be acting and posing for our upcoming new vore videos!!! You can’t get any more exotic and sexy than her!!!

Her gorgeous, lovely face, long slender silky long legs, shapely toned sexy butt, and rockin’ hot body will definitely add a whole new dimension to all our upcoming videos and stills!

She already did an outstanding job at our very first test video shoot with her. She’s simply a dream come true! You can’t get any hotter than her! We’re planning very sexy short vore video stories using her in them for next year as well! Stay tuned!