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We particularly liked Alucard’s “Annie’s Night Time Visitor” because of the great mood it set by the great lighting job and depth of the blurred background. It was soft, subtle and yet very sexy. Great expression on her face. Excellent use of shine/slime by the mouth which tells us the alien is really enjoying and sucking down it’s meal! Great job!

Alucard – Annie’s Night Time Visitor

Description: Annie had just bedded down for the night, opting to sleep in the nude on top of the sheets, when all of a sudden she felt eyes on her curvacious body. Sleepily she looked up to find an alien creature hovering over the bed. Snapping to she cursed herself for having left her window open. Terror filled her heart as she scrambled back against the headboard as the creature loomed. Its glowig eyes, drooling mouth and haunting moans clearly stated the monster’s intentions.

As the creature floated around toward the side of the bed to block the window and possible escape of its victim, Annie began to crawl over the bedcovers toward her bedroom door. The alien acted quickly grabbing up her feet and stuffing her legs into its slimy mouth. As the nude woman tried to scramble off the bed, the alien sent out its tentacles to put a stop to her advance. Extracting its claws, the creature threatened the woman by sliding one claw under her chin, poised at her throat. Annie’s eyes widen as she realizes that if she moved forward the sharp claw will cut and possibly kill her, but if she doesn’t move the creature will swallow her whole. As she sits and ponders, the young woman doesn’t realize that the alien has other tentacle arms positioned about her, one in particular at the ready to knock her arms out from under her. Greedily the alien licks and lavishes Annie’s trapped legs as she tries to figure out what to do next. To her horror, she realizes that there is no escape. Annie’s night time visitor will claim her as a meal…