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Voreville Animations

FINALLY… we have a FLASH site up. Hopefully the mood music and the interactivity will get people into the vore mood… hah. It’s a little less harsh and more PG rated than our main site. There’s NO nipple or pussy shots basically.


Voreville Animations

Reptisaurus – Fred Olen Ray – Chris Ray

Boy do we have a treat in store for our members!

We have to honor of working with Fred Olen and Chris Ray, along with another AWESOME 3D Artist. We’re working on some of the animations of the “reptisaurus” creature. We may even have a new artist working for us after this HUGE project. There will definitely be some GREAT vore animations to come with this cool creature! Stay Tuned!

Reptisaurus - Fred Olen Ray - Chris Ray

If things calm down enough, with all the work put into the creature, I’d like to carry on some tests I was trying with fire! Maybe we can roast some babes and make em a nice toasty treat!

NOTE: The FIRE TESTS are just for VOREVILLE animation tests ONLY.