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Voreville’s FREE Erotic Art & Porn Gallery for Visitors

Okay, so we thought it would be fun and interesting to see what people upload to our PORN gallery. Anything goes… except ILLEGAL stuff, and child porn. If SHIT is a fetish to you, UPLOAD it! If it’s from one of your favorite paysites, do NOT upload their pay content, just post their FREE content and link to them.

If you have your own site that you would like to link to, feel free to do that as well.

I realize that this is just probably going to bring out more asshole spammers, but you all know the drill… DON’T CLICK on ANYTHING that looks like a spammers post. If you’re a porn buff, you will know what we’re talking about!

ENJOY! Just IGNORE the Registration warning about posting sexually explicit content… WE WANT THAT!!!

Voreville's Free Erotic Art & Porn Gallery

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Wow that would have been so cool if they made an x-rated version of King Kong… Where the worms are set free on a bunch of half naked sexy ass hookers. You’d see their sexy voluptous bodies sucked up into the worm going through the slightly transparent skin of the worm. Wow that would have been so HOT! Vore imagination at it’s best!

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Hot tentacle sex combined with sexy vore art. What more could you ask for!?!?! Want some free tentacle porn? Just picture a super slimy creature captures its prey and decides to have some fun with her before devouring her soft lucious body. Its digestive secretions slowly absorbing her soft supple flesh. Her sexy lingerie and other items on her body are absorbed as well. It’s drooling mouth engulfing her entire head as it begins eating her head first while it’s tentacles are happily exploring every crevice on her body. It penetrates her soft wet pussy and uses the newest and amazing sex toys with her swollen labia.

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It excites her to the point of orgasm and then… the eating begins. It then proceeds to suck her all her bodily fluids out from her pussywhile it slowly devours her husk. Her sexy hot high heels slip off her lovely feet as her body is drained dry. Nothing is left uneaten. Her dried up husk and bones are absorbed into the hungry beast. The only thing that’s not eaten is her sexy toe ring, which falls out of the creatures mouth,covered in goo. The victim is eaten alive while in pure ecstasy!

Sexy Avatars, Sexy Art, Sexy Women Being Eaten – Happy HOLIDAYS from Voreville!

Happy Holidays!

Alex (over at EroticPeril) and I got together this Thansgiving and thought it would be great to make free vore avatars for you to use in forums or wherever you wish. ENJOY!Feel Free To Tell Others What Cool Avatars We Have!

I’m trying to get Stacey to make some cool sexy ones too. Stay Tuned!

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