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Into the Amazon – We particularly loved the look and feel of this piece. The animation was smooth and very realistic. The rendering was superb and even though the subject was not flailing about, there was great attention to detail in the secondary animation where the arms flopped and the subject was moved around by the dynamics of the devouring. Check out the high resolution, full length, snake vore animation in our samples gallery!

Beach Snake – We particularly loved the excellent sound effects throughout the piece and the silhouettes of the victims wiggling about inside. Great attention to the body details of the silhouettes on the snake. They didn’t just look like big lumps but actual babes inside. Check out the high resolution, full length, snake vore animation in our samples gallery!

Sexy Avatars, Sexy Art, Sexy Women Being Eaten – Happy HOLIDAYS from Voreville!

Happy Holidays!

Alex (over at EroticPeril) and I got together this Thansgiving and thought it would be great to make free vore avatars for you to use in forums or wherever you wish. ENJOY!Feel Free To Tell Others What Cool Avatars We Have!

I’m trying to get Stacey to make some cool sexy ones too. Stay Tuned!

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Erotic Art, Sexy Art, Fantasy Art, Horror Art – Back to Vore…

Ok so was a wee bit irked when I wrote that post last night.

But heck, I love this stuff so much, no one is going to keep me away from it. And those who supported us all these years I started the vore resource forum for you guys!



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Sexy Games, Vore Games, Exotic Games, Erotic Games – Cool Pic Games

Our Stacey found this site that turns your pics into games. Hrmmm, this would be great to do for vore but I doubt they’ll let me use vore images…. heh

Voreville DVD is HERE!

Finally! It’s here… Vore DVD, Vore Porn DVD, Voreville DVD, Erotic Art, Fantasy Art, Eaten Alive, Damsels In Distress