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Here are some interesting search words and phrases people out there use to find us if they don’t know it’s called “VORE”

snake eats woman
snake swallows man
python swallows woman
man-eating snakes
snake eats girl
snake eats human
spider eats woman
spider eats girl
spider eats human
she eats him
he eats her
he is eaten
she is eaten
she devours him
he devours her
eaten alive
blob eats
she becomes a meal
prey is eaten
eat and be eaten
eat or be eaten
predator eats prey
femme fatal
sexy vamp
vampire woman
spider demon
tentacle porn
fantasy porn

Sexy Art, Erotic Art, Fantasy Art, Vore Art – Dontations Anyone?

Wow! We have a new HOT idea for some snake vore. Whoever modeled this snake is BAD ASS! Looks great doesn’t it??? LOVE IT! I wish I knew how to model and texture animals and reptiles like that!

Since I can’t make and texture a snake THAT good, any vore lover want to donate a little $ so we can buy this puppy and have it go nuts in our animations?  Just look at this bad boy! We can get some REALLY nice close up animation shots of legs and feet kicking… all the way down to the toes! Look at the texuring on that puppy. And we can even include details like shoes falling off at the end… snake vore lovers… you know you like the sound of that!

Every little bit counts! Message US if you’d like to contribute to the “cause”

Just think… these sexy feet with that snake… slowly slithering up her thighs… woaaa….