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Vore & Porn…

Personally, I think they go absolutely great together. After running Voreville.com for three years now I’d say I’m not the only one who loves this sexy, odd, bizarre mixture of fetishes. There’s just something about mixing beautiful, hot, sexy hot women with ugly, drooling, hungry monsters… they’re complete opposites which makes “voreporn” the ultimate high in fetishes… for myself at least. Fucking then eating it’s prey… now that’s pure erotic peril for you. And you can also find local MILF’s that want sex as there are scores online looking for hot action so it’s an amazing way of findng hot MILF’s for kinky fun.

What’s the huge freakin deal about online porn anyway??? If you don’t like what you see, just surf somewhere else. Who the fuck cares what YOU think should and should not be up on the internet. Mind you own fucking business. We have plenty of other shit to worry about in the world. God gave us our beautiful bodies to enjoy, play and be thankful for! Why the fuck are we all covering up? Well, some of us SHOULD be covering up though… cuz them droopy ass titties just won’t be easy on the eyes. Adam and Eve were nude. I’m sure there were other stories never told about what that lucky bastard did with Eve when no story tellers were around. You know his first instinct was to go down on her and lick that fruity pussy… ready to eat some nice sweet bush. Damn, I’m going to hell!

And to think that I grew up as a Catholic boy and was an altar boy all the way through high school! Look what denying your child NATURAL needs creates?!?!?! A twisted, super honry, perverted, dark arts vore freak! Ever notice that? The quiet ones and the ones who were forced to suppress their natural excitations, are always the freakiest people? Look around, ask around, and you will see. The one’s forced to be good boys and girls when young, are not the most horniest, raunchiest, dirtiest, kinkiest people around. WHY you ask??? Because we’ve been supressed for so long!!! I strongly feel that the way I am NOW is a result of extremely strict rules, and not allowing me to grow freely sexually as a young boy.

I’m speaking out because one of my favorite sites is closing… as many of you know Stormbringer’s EROTICPERIL.COM was closed because of other people just can’t keep their noses out of other people’s business. If you don’t agree with the site, DON’T FUCKIN VISIT IT! You’re spoiling it for the rest of us WHO DO KNOW how to differentiate between fantasy and reality. There are PLENTY of WARNINGS all over these types of sites, yet people CHOSE to ignore them and then get upset at seeing things they did not want to see. It’s just as fucking stupid as that dumb ass bitch burning herself with the coffee and suing McDonald’s for her dumb ass actions. Simply stupid and a waste of people’s time and tax dollars. Anyway, we just got email confirmation we’re going to purchase EROTICPERIL.COM from Stormbringer. Since it cannot be a paysite anymore we thought it would be nice to create a FREE gallery of peril art, manipulations, videos and animations and turn this awesome site into a great, free dark art / peril / vore resource website portal.

C’mon people… with times so hard, wars throughout the world, economies going to shit, global warming, countries hating one another… together as the human race, we’re not doing ANY better as evolving people to do anything to help our exisitance or make a difference for the future. If we all REALLY cared about making this world a better place for our kids, and their kids, we’d be out there working for free with everyone working together to find better, more efficient ways to do things. Bascially just living to survive in the most effiecient ways like ants do. Instead, look at the world we live in, in one part of the world you have starving people fighting and killing over rice… then on the opposite end of the world you have people living a lavish life who’s car’s worth can pay to feed an entire country. Talk talk talk, we’re going to do this, we’re going to do that… it’s all talk. Everyone’s full of it and I don’t believe all the bullshit and hype we always hear in the news anymore.

Survival of the fittest is the human motto until something really bad happens, then people come together. It’s just the way we are I guess. Only until something like “The Day After Tomorrow” happens will people seriously think about what we’re doing to this earth. By then it will be too late.

In the meantime, while the rest of the world is fucking up the earth in other ways, why not enjoy some great vore art and animations mixed with porn. What always makes people happy or puts them out of a BAD mood? Porn. Lets corrupt our minds too as most people would see it. I don’t think it’s corrupting, I think it’s soooooothing. The human body is beautiful and I will NOT deny myself that daily satifaction! The day there are no more wars in this world is the day I give up porn!

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Sweet! Looks like we’re going to start to get into the MANGA, ANIME, HENTAI sex, porn realm as well. MIX that up with a little vore and some MONSTER / ALIEN sex and we got a nice little VOREMANGA, VOREANIME, VOREHENTAI hybrid art! Fucking, then eating… now that’s going to be HOT! This particular scene isn’t really MANGA or ANIME style but we’re working it!

3D Manga, 3D Anime, Hentai, Monster Sex, Monster Porn, Anime Porn, Manga Porn, Anime Sex, Manga Sex, Alien Sex

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Consensual Sex! Tentacle Sex! Tentacle Porn! Alien Sex! Monster Sex! Alien Penetration!


Consensual Sex! Tentacle Sex! Tentacle Porn! Alien Sex! Monster Sex! Alien Penetration!

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