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Jessica’s Jog by Ryan C – Plant Vore Animation – Now Available!
Jessica\'s Jog by Ryan C Voreville Exclusive Plant Vore Animation

Jessica's Jog by Ryan C Voreville Exclusive Plant Vore Animation

Ryan C’s “Jessica’s Jog” can now be seen at Voreville.com and Creaturesandcorsets.com! This amazing animation piece idea was commissioned by Flipper of the DisturbedThings Forum back in April 2008. Last year we funded this project and Ryan went to town with it!

You have two great options to see Ryan’s latest release and any other new vore art that has been recently released by our team:

Visitors new to our sites who have never seen any of our works, Voreville.com will better suit you. You’ll have access to over 2000+ vore related files.

Visitors who already know who we are and have already seen most of our works, Creaturesandcorsets.com will better suit you. You can now see all our newest stuff at a lower initial rate without having to pay full price for all the works you have already seen.

BOTH sites will always be updated with our latest works.

Only Voreville.com will have the special extras like, occasional special releases never advertised, previews of works in progress, and all our successful and failed test animation attempts.


– New art from “Maryanna” added

– Dr. Teeth from the Disturbed Forums will be working on a new exclusive Voreville animation release this year.

– Voreville members will be able to see how our first tests with DIDVP went in the next coming weeks.

– We are already working with Ryan for his next Voreville exclusive vore animation as well.

Rough Times…

So as many people know, Voreville is running contests throughout 2009 and giving away computers and equipment. At one point in time we needed a lot of computers to render our animations. Thanks to such bad economies and people spending less, it’s been very trying times. Are we crazy or just butt rich you ask? We’ll more like crazy than butt rich. After four years of this, we’re by far anywhere near “rich.” Most of us did this because we loved the subject of vore. Memberships really only help minimally pay my artists and to keep the site running.

This is one of our rich lavish setups… har… *sarcastically*

A lot the Voreville team had to move onto other things in life, which is why we have so much equipment left lying around now. Rayzor has gone off back to school and still helps from time to time. Stacey is off doing her own thing with her own sites (HOTGIRLS3D, SEXSTACEY, STACEYLI). And Alex is running EROTICPERIL now. Since I, Johnathan, am the only one really running the main operation of Voreville, there was absolutely NO use to have so much equipment lying around and not being used. Why not encourage vore artists to create new fresh content for the vore community and then reward them with it instead of letting all that good equipment get rusty just sitting around?

And look what came of it! Super cool, excellent vore stills and animations from all four contests so far!!! Simply amazing stuff! Thank you contestants!!!

And there’s FOUR MORE CONTESTS TO GO!!! I know there’s more talent out there! ENTER!

The crap basement I work out of isn’t the best place to run and maintain a site, but I guess the mood it gave, helped me get into that dart art mode quite frequently. Sometimes I think to myself that I am getting to old for this. One day I would like to pass on Voreville.com to some great Vore artists out there for them to continue this. It’s sad to think that but everything comes to an end. Hopefully for Voreville.com it will become a new beginning for someone when that day comes!

For now, we’re going to try to keep on chugging along. I do have some great things to look forward to now. We were REALLY hurting for animators for quite some time. Working with our new vore animators, RYAN C & QSVGITGUY, will be a great experience. Welcome to Voreville guys! Idealy we’d like to hire EVERYONE that enters our contests, but that would be financially impossible.

I am also looking forward to meeting DOC of the DisturbedThings forum. We found out that we’re very close in proximity! Having coffee and discussing vore with the DOC will be an unforgettable experience! DOC is my idol!