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Voreville Animations

FINALLY… we have a FLASH site up. Hopefully the mood music and the interactivity will get people into the vore mood… hah. It’s a little less harsh and more PG rated than our main site. There’s NO nipple or pussy shots basically.


Voreville Animations

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Vore, Eaten Alive, Damsels In Distress, Erotic Preril - Zubarra Feeding Clip

Sexy Video, Sexy Animation, Sexy Movies, Sexy Vore – Feeding Time!

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CG Porn, 3D Porn, Porn Animation, Sexy Animation, Porno – YUM!

Alex has done it yet again! WOW, his CG porn is starting to look more and more real everyday. You rock man! Beautiful work my friend! Great ideas on the new techniques!


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Sexy Animation – The Twisted Snake Animation

OK, this one caused a lot or ruckus posting it on YOUTUBE but amazingly they kept it up there. Again… keep in mind… this is FANTASY… and we know snakes don’t chew their food and they start head first… yes we know… it was done a different way for “fantasy” sake… heh… As to why we did something like this? … we don’t know but we like it. It’s sexy and brutal at the same time…

The artist was going to make a few versions of the devouring, like head first, and a constricting version but ran out of time. These short animations already takes an artist weeks to setup the cameras, create the environments, animate that character and monster, render the sequences and finally composite them to sound and music…  not an easy job for our main artist, but he does it and loves it.

In this piece a sexy gal waiting for her boyfriend to come home in her favorite sexy bunny outfit is taken by surprise when a huge mutant snake gets into her house and attacks her. She’s no match for the huge serpant and becomes it’s tasty morsel.