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Jessica’s Jog by Ryan C – Plant Vore Animation – Now Available!
Jessica\'s Jog by Ryan C Voreville Exclusive Plant Vore Animation

Jessica's Jog by Ryan C Voreville Exclusive Plant Vore Animation

Ryan C’s “Jessica’s Jog” can now be seen at Voreville.com and Creaturesandcorsets.com! This amazing animation piece idea was commissioned by Flipper of the DisturbedThings Forum back in April 2008. Last year we funded this project and Ryan went to town with it!

You have two great options to see Ryan’s latest release and any other new vore art that has been recently released by our team:

Visitors new to our sites who have never seen any of our works, Voreville.com will better suit you. You’ll have access to over 2000+ vore related files.

Visitors who already know who we are and have already seen most of our works, Creaturesandcorsets.com will better suit you. You can now see all our newest stuff at a lower initial rate without having to pay full price for all the works you have already seen.

BOTH sites will always be updated with our latest works.

Only Voreville.com will have the special extras like, occasional special releases never advertised, previews of works in progress, and all our successful and failed test animation attempts.


– New art from “Maryanna” added

– Dr. Teeth from the Disturbed Forums will be working on a new exclusive Voreville animation release this year.

– Voreville members will be able to see how our first tests with DIDVP went in the next coming weeks.

– We are already working with Ryan for his next Voreville exclusive vore animation as well.

Photographer Scottie Howison & Voreville Sexy Snake Vore

A special thanks goes out to Scottie Howison, “k i s s t h e s k y” on ModelMayhem for letting us manipulate one of his photos into a snake vore piece! Great photography Scottie! This is for everyone out there to enjoy!!! Anyone who enjoys anything out of the norm!

Photographer Scottie Howison & Voreville Sexy Snake Vore

Photographer Scottie Howison & Voreville Sexy Snake Vore

Hopefully we can make even more connections with some great photographers out there on ModelMayhem that want something different and unique in their photos! Please feel free to contact us for collaboration works!

– Stacey ^_^

Eka… Eka… Eka… why do you hate us so much?

So I get this email from the dude at VoreArt.com and he’s steaming mad. They tell us that Eka at Eka’s Portal has denied him any art postings because he supports Voreville and other sites that try to sell memberships or merchandise.

First off, we have to say sorry to VoreArt for having them ban you because of us. They have banned us for some time now. Not like we really care about Eka and his site either. We however support the FANS and artists who just love doing this stuff no matter what site they are on. It’s not about US website owners, it’s about the FAN and what new art and concepts you can introduce them to.

Even our free magazine idea was denied by them. What part of FREE didn’t Eka understand? We don’t know… so in the end, he continues to deny anything we have to offer. Even if it’s free. We wanted to just help the entire community and share anything and everything we can. Of course we also need to survive, pay for web services and web traffic, DVD supplies, and programs to make cool vore art.

What did we ever do to you Eka to hate us so much? Please… oh please… don’t strike us down with your all mighty lightning… 😛

It’s okay though, he’s in a community of his own. They are THE GODS, and you can’t touch them. So VoreArt, just leave it at that my friend. 🙂 Breatheee….

You are more than welcomed to show your art on our site anytime amigo!

Why can’t we all just get along???

Voreville 2009 Trailer – Vore Animation – Vore Videos – Vore Movies

Just like movies have trailers, we thought it would be fitting to make a trailer for Voreville as well. If you want to see what our member gallery is all about, this will give you some idea of what kind of vore art your will see inside. Enjoy this small 2009 music compilation!

Feel free to download or distribute it freely about the internet! http://www.voreville.com/images/voreville2009.mov


Free Vore Magazine Updated…

I wanted to contact all the admins of the main vore community websites and vore artists out there who wish to participate.

We are in the process of creating an absolutely FREE vore magazine for the ENTIRE vore community to enjoy. We’re thinking of a printable pdf that the entire vore community could pass around that features vore artists and vore site owners who want to participate. They could introduce new art or new products.

We are creating articles on the history and some background infomation on the people who run these vore sites so that when anyone reads this free vore magazine, they can get a better feel of who we are and why we run these vore sites.

If vore artist, vore website owner, or anything vore related would like to have an article about them, please feel free to email us a story about you and the history site if you have one, and if you want to include pictures, they should be large and printable resolutions because viewers will have the option to print the magazine as well.

Right now it’s just an idea and we want to see how many people we can get involved in this before we move ahead.

Feel free to post info about this anywhere in the vore community if you think they would like something like this.