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Vore Fiction

Blob Vore, Monster VoreVoreville's Vorerotica Horror Fiction!
Get a loaded mix of hot fantasy pornographic vore horror stories involving sexy snake women that swallows her lovers alive from head to toe, gorgeous spider women actually eating their mates after sex, exotic carnivorous plant women that trap their mates and absorbs them alive, sexy barbaric praying mantis women that consume their mates in the middle of having sex, man-eating juicy vaginas and assholes that swallow it’s owner’s lovers whole and alive, and much much more!

Have you EVER heard of or seen images of man-eating vaginas and assholes with mouths, teeth and tongues? Beware for those of you who love going down on these beauties, you may end up being swallowed whole and alive by these hungry teethed pussies and assholes! The babes who have these hideous body parts are so gorgeous that no man can resist them!!!

Voreville's "Vored Twice - Hot Sex on a Platter"

Sexy, scantily clad female roommates tag team to capture their meals and reek havok on the male species. Spindee is a sexy black widow spider demon and Slilith is a sexy venomous snake woman. Both hungry for men both sexually and physically. They work together like a team to lure capture their meals. In this story Spindee's lover James is vored twice. He's lured by the two women to come over for a night of hot sex in a threesome, but ends up a tasty nourishing meal for the two creature women. He's first partially eaten alive by Spindee then Slilith devours the rest of him feet first. It's a super erotic story of hot anal / oral sex, and intense vore with gorgeous women in fishnet stockings, high heels and the works!

Erotic Vore Stories

Here are some tasty excerpts from our "Vored Twice" story:

"...James grabs his cock and wets the tip of it with his saliva and begins teasing her ripe asshole with it. He traces the head of his penis along the edges of her sphincter. He rubs his hard cock all over her soft ass. She reaches behind and squeezes her cheeks together so James can shove his cock along her beautiful butt crack. They toy with each other for awhile until they he can't take it anymore. Spindee invites James to enter her as she grabs her cheeks and spreads them wide..."

"...He can barely scream in terror as the two deadly females prepare him for their main course. Spindee drags his partially paralyzed body to the middle of the silken bed. His body glides very easily over the silk covered bed. The bed is a huge dinner plate where both Spindee and Slilith sleep and eat. Once they get their prey positioned and on that bed, there's no escape!

"P.p.p.please... p.p.p.please don't eat me. I didn't mean to be so mean at first! I was just caught up in the moment! I was role playing!", he cried.

Spindee positions his body in such a manner that both of them can dine on him simultaneously. He will be vored twice. While he's being vored by Spindee, Slilith will start voring him feet first half way through!..."


Voreville's "Hot For Hooker"

3D Porn - CG Porn - Computer Generated Porn

Voreville.com in collaboration with Alex's ADULT Irondong.com and Stacey's PG HotGirls3D.com bring you "HOT FOR HOOKER" mini Vore Story. Thanks to Stacey once again for letting us use her sexiest 3D model to use in our very first attempt at writing a sexy Vore Picture Story with for you! It's about an evil mad scientist who creates a special deadly man eating creature. This creature is special. It's not your typical creature with sharp teeth and beatty eyes. It's very soft and delicate looking. It does not have eyes or teeth but it has a huge appetite and it can sure eat! He finds his creature it's first meal as he cruises the red light district!

Hot For Hooker - "...you could now see the creature have complete control as it captured it's delicious helpless prey. The creature's grasp was so tight that distinct features of the hooker were now visible. Her nipples were nice and perked from her pleasuring herself and you can see it embossed in creature now.... she could feel the silken beast slowly tighten around her body with every breath. She could also hear the tightening, shearing, gurgling sounds coming from the creature as it began to savor her luscious body. The silken cocoon became so tight that Her eyes began to feel like they wanted to pop out of their sockets. Her pussy was still throbbing from her orgasm showed through the creature..."

Vore Stories - Picture Stories


Vore Fiction


J.D. Nelson - Voreville's Vore Stories Author!
"The Grand Supreme PooBah of Vore-Tastic Entertainment!"

We welcome our Vore Stories Author, J. D. Nelson. J. D. Nelson is a vore enthusiast who is proud to join Voreville.com as a contributing writer of erotic fiction. J. D. enjoys the test of skill of producing exciting new works, and looks forward to producing both original work and stories inspired by the fantasies and ideas of the fans of Vorville.com. He's been writing creatively for most of my life and thought it was time to apply his talent in something. He is open to attempting to interpret fans’ ideas for the vore stories. Fans should submit ideas to J.D. that they would like to see rendered into a story. He will gladly consider it!

Here are some small excerpts from his latest fantastic works!

The Super-Villainess and the Creature - "It began to work White Lightning down into its throat, biting her again and again with each jerk. White Lightning was woozy from blood loss, too weak to struggle, but she never stopped screaming as the monster ate her with relish. Her blood-soaked hair..."

The Jungle Girl's Hunt - "In desperation the girl began to masturbate again, hoping to frighten the snake. This only excited it further: its tongue flickered between her legs, then drew back as it gulped up to her waist. The girl was close, so close: she thrust her hands into the python’s mouth..."

The Thing in the Old Cave - "...sounds of pleasure grew louder as her feet came to the flaps, which closed around them and pressed on them, sucking on them in savor the way one enjoys the last taste of ice cream. Even as the doctor slid down that long tentacle-throat..."

The Vore and the Old Flame - "...kept tweaking her nipples as he pulled her in, licking her fine skin. As he worked her neck into his mouth he moved his hand down to her warm, soft core and began to finger her gently. She laid her legs out flat on the floor. In his throat he could hear..."

The Naga and the Temple Girl - "...then her shoulders passed smoothly into her mouth. With her strong hands she held the girl’s, guiding her in a slow, smooth progress down her throat. The girl’s breasts passed over the naga’s tongue and the naga quaked in ecstasy. She licked every inch of the girl..."


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